Based in Miami, Florida, Los Wizzards is an embodiment of the city at her finest: a melting pot that blends a flavorful array of cultures while honoring its American home. The band comprises bassist Rafa Querales, trumpeter Alex Coombs, cuatro player Wizzmer, trombonist Tony Armas, drummer Juseph Ballestero, rapper and break dancer Samy Hawk, and singer Roy G.

The seven colorful and culturally diverse musicians came together through a series of open mic nights in 2016. Their sets quickly drew a loyal audience that flooded in hours before each show. Even then, listeners were entranced by the accomplished musicians’ jazzy instrumental interplays. However, Los Wizzards’ magic lies in their way of inviting their audience into the conversation with elements of funk, rock, pop, jazz, reggae, hip-hop, and salsa. Through festive yet honest lyrical storytelling and an unusually sophisticated approach to popular genres, their anthems cast a spell that compels listeners to join the dance.

Their power has its roots in the team’s devotion to artistic discipline, constant experimentation, and a firm refusal to restrict their sound by defining it with one genre. In 2020, that unique identity led them to win the honor of representing Miami on the city’s biggest stage as the Miami Heat’s official house band.

Los Wizzards’ music is a celebration of life, of Miami, and of the powerful magic that results from a playful and culturally diverse collaboration.