Rafael Querales

Is a Venezuelan composer, producer, bass player, and founding member of Los Wizzards who lives by the belief that music is the language of joy. The Latin Grammy winner’s colorful career has seen him play with the likes of Guaco, Chris Cab, Gilberto Santa Rosa, and Luis Enrique among many others.

Though Rafa plays multiple instruments, this founding member of Los Wizzards feels the most freedom with the base. He considers his instruments, which he’s playfully named Gary, Antony, and Salvador, as extensions of himself. “Rafa really is one with the base,” says band mate Tony Trombone. “He has an incredible ability to combine rhythms to the point that they sound like they’re coming from more than one instrument.”

Rafa describes his music in culinary terms. Inspired by bassists like Jaco Pastorius and Victor Wooten, he loves to listen for interesting ingredients to experiment with. “When I play my own music, I blend all of those flavors like a chef,” he says.

Rafa feels he’s found the freedom to really let loose with Los Wizzards’ fun-loving and diverse mix of sounds. As a Wizzard, he’s finally cooking in his own kitchen.