Wizzmer first arrived in the US in with two hundred dollars in his pocket and the dream to make game-changing music that transmits the Latino community’s zest for life. His instrument is the Venezuelan cuatro, a type of guitar which has almost exclusively been used to play in traditional formats until now.

“At this point, you could not write a history book on the cuatro without mentioning Wizzmer,” says Tony Trombone. “He’s making crazy leaps for his instrument and for musicians like him.” Wizzmer’s use of the cuatro to play pop, rock, and funk among other genres is a prime example of Los Wizzards’ desire to break convention while honoring the cultures that influence their sound.

The unconventional cuatro player is the Wizzard who started it all. He was the one who gradually invited members to join the ensemble at the legendary open mic nights. “He’s our captain, the one who first had the vision and put us on this path,” says frontman Samy Hawk.

Besides always looking for the band’s next big opportunity and maintaining their aspirations present, Wizzmer is the glue. He constantly seeks to hold space for each member to speak and shine, maintaining the cohesion that makes Los Wizzards flow so magically.