Juseph Ballestero

Juseph Ballestero's drums are his perfect complement. They allow him to fully express the gleefully playful, freewheeling true nature hidden behind his ever-smiling, but shy exterior.

“Through my drums, I can interpret what I’m feeling and trying to say in a way I just can’t do with words,” he says. “They give me a voice.”

And what a voice it is! Born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, his Afro-Venezuelan roots lightly color his approach to various genres such as funk, jazz, and rock. Before becoming a founding member of Los Wizzards in 2016, Juseph lent his signature groovy rhythms to the likes of Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Laura Pausini, and Marc Anthony.

For a genre-less band with a sound as versatile as that of Los Wizzards, Juseph’s perfect rhythmic instinct, impeccable flow, and tightly symbiotic relationship with Rafa’s base are vital. They provide the solid, groovy foundation the rest of the band builds and plays upon.

Juseph admits that his first love was basketball, so drumming for the Miami Heat’s official band is a dream come true. But his passion for Los Wizzards stems from the band’s dynamic. The easy and playful family atmosphere has given him the space to innovate, grow, and create a unique sound and novel method that he’s eager to share with the world.