Samy Hawk

As a lover of stories, Samy Hawk usually prefers to listen rather than speak. But his normally quiet demeanor transforms when he takes the stage with Los Wizzards. “It’s like there’s an electricity,” he says.

“When the show starts, a switch goes off in me.” But behind the extroverted onstage persona is a highly disciplined mind with a focused attention to detail. As a breakdancer, writer, rapper, and overall showman, Samy’s been inspired by the passion and creative discipline of breakdancers and other artists he met in the streets of Caracas early in his life.

His drive paid off at a young age: he began performing professionally when he was only thirteen. He toured all over Venezuela for years before coming to the Miami, “the center of the world,” as he calls it, in 2014. When he joined Los Wizzards two years later, his poetry became the storytelling force behind the band’s anthems.

Samy’s life-affirming and honest verses celebrate life and revel in his team’s victories. At the same time, they honor the hardships that have made them grow as a band and as individuals.

When’s he’s not rapping or beatboxing, Samy’s spirited dance moves embody the band’s infectious energy while drawing attention to individual bandmates as they shine. His initiative, sharp instinct, and lively presence motivate his fellow band members and pull the audience into the dance.