Roy G. Robinson

Was Los Wizzards’ missing piece. The Jamaican singer’s versatile and soulful voice sets the mood for the band’s storytelling anthems and rounds out the primarily Latino group. “You feel his Jamaican essence in the way he moves and sings,” says frontman Samy Hawk. “He gives our music a flavor we were missing. Besides, he has the audience in the palm of his hand."

Before joining Los Wizzards, Roy sang with artist Wayne Wonder. Through that project, he came to share the stage with the likes of Sean Paul, Ginuwine, 112, Inner circle, and Koffee, to name a few. But Roy feels that with Los Wizzards, he’s been able to experiment, develop, and push the limits of his musical abilities and his performances more than ever before.

From the first moment he stepped on stage the day he met the Los Wizzards, he was enamored by their music’s power. “It’s the fusion of all these cultures, sounds, energies, styles, and flavors,” says Roy. “It leaves the door open for others to know that we can work together and become something greater.”

Roy feels a responsibility to bring happiness through music. When he sings, you can clearly hear that this soulful Wizzard is all heart.