Alex Blake Coombs

Together with his cousin Tony Trombone, Alex Coomb’s trumpet forms half of Los Wizzards’ notoriously rousing horn section. But his trumpet playing is the least of his contributions to the band.

As a gifted multi-instrumentalist, Alex is a profoundly intelligent composer. “His genius comes from not only knowing how to play everything that’s onstage,” says Tony, “but knowing where everything fits.” His prodigious ability to think as a one- man-band makes him a powerful creative force behind Los Wizzards’ dynamic sound.

Born in Miami to a Cuban-Jamaican family, Alex first showed an affinity for music at the age of four, when he found he could replicate songs by ear on the piano with surprising accuracy. He honed that instinct as he developed his skill with over seven instruments besides his own voice.

Alex’s adoring devotion to musical experimentation has afforded him a keen sense of his own personal sound. He loves the challenge of expressing that sound within different genre contexts, which he does with a playful willingness to color outside the lines. His favorite part of being a Wizzard besides the joy of creating alongside like-minded musicians is the creative freedom he’s found with the band’s colorful combination of genres.