Anthony Armas
(Tony Trombone)

The day he became a founding member of Los Wizzards, Anthony Armas transformed into the vibrant Tony Trombone. Born in the heart of Miami’s Little Havanna, he’s known for his ability to complement his trombone’s warm, raspy voice with exuberant dance moves.

Though he studied music formally, Tony mostly developed the bluesy edginess of his style and his sharp ear while performing with other artists in the streets of Miami. His animated sound and stage presence led him to play with a variety of musicians including El Puma, Locos Por Juana, and Suenalo before he became a Wizzard.

A driven musician who works best under pressure, Tony loves pushing his creative potential with Los Wizzards. He’s relished growing through their collaboration, evolving his sound and increasingly contributing his singing voice to the band’s tracks. In turn, his band mates rely on Tony’s knack for keeping them focused and organized.

The dedicated showman delights in dancing into the crowd. Bellowing trombone in hand, he compells the audience into movement and drops jaws with his unnervingly deep back bends. Through his massive charisma and colorful sound, Tony Trombone adds an irresistibly festive oomph to Los Wizzards captivating energy.